Meet Our Chef

Antonio was born in his grandmother's house on the Isle of Ponza just off the coast of Naples Italy. His passion for cooking began in her kitchen when he was only 9 years old. When Antonio came to the states in 1999, he stayed true to his heritage of producing the kind of Italian food he cooked with his grandmother.

Essential ingredients and techniques set his food apart. Antonio’s recipes are simple and fresh, just like in his grandmother’s kitchen.


Our Story

Meet Antonio and Leon, two passionate individuals with a shared dream of bringing the flavors of Italy to your table. Their journey began as a culinary adventure fueled by their love for authentic Italian cuisine. Antonio, a seasoned chef with a knack for crafting exquisite dishes, and Leon, a connoisseur of Italian culture and wine, decided to combine their talents and open an Italian restaurant that would transport you to the heart of Italy.

Via Canaletto is more than just a place to eat, it's a place to savor the magic of Italy, one bite at a time. Join them on this delicious journey as they bring their passion and expertise to your table, making every meal a memorable Italian experience.

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